“..may we merit to increase the number of women who keep the mitzva of Taharas us to fulfill our holy task with love and joy and teach us to do Your will whole-heartedly. May we merit that the name of Heaven become beloved through us...”


This excerpt from the Mikvah attendant’s prayer captures the essence of Mrs. Malka Rosenbaum a”h, whose mission was to sanctify G-d’s name through her very being.

Mrs. Rosenbaum a”h reached out to women of all ages in the Atlanta community in her role as Mikvah attendant. She quietly and lovingly taught, guided and encouraged women to expand their spiritual connection. She taught by example. Her regal bearing and sweet demeanor endeared herself to all. She also dedicated herself to discreetly assisting those who found themselves in need. All of these values come together in Tiferes Malka, an organization which thoughtfully addresses the needs of a new bride who requires support.
Tiferes Malka is an expression of Mrs. Rosenbaum’s a”h desire to ensure that Heaven’s name will be beloved through us...just as she taught, and just as she lived.